We Must Have Evidence, In Jesus’ Name!

When you accept and claim that something is true —without convincing personal evidence —what you have is mere belief. This makes you a believer.

But when you have many convincing personal evidence to support your claim, it’s called faith. Faith is the evidence. This makes you a knower.

Believers have beliefs: that is, assumptions without evidence.

Knowers, on the other hand, have faith: that is, real supernatural evidence.

And only knowers can do exploits in the kingdom of God.

Believing is a good starting point, though. However, you must go beyond that and demand evidence. Because, at the end of the day, without evidence your belief is empty, weak and worthless; just another myth. Without evidence, you have nothing.

Now, let me replace the word ‘evidence’ with the phrase ‘miraculous signs and wonders’.

You should press on to validate your belief through miraculous signs and wonders. That way your beliefs can morph into faith. Then you can go from believing to knowing.

How do you do that?

It’s simple: Prayer.

Simple persistent prayer.

Prayer works. I know that for sure because He always answers me whenever I pray. However, do not take my word for it. You must verify that for yourself by praying and expecting God to answer.

It’s good that Prayer Connect is starting tomorrow, (well, depending on your time zone…) In any case, this PC season is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to prove God’s existence, His love, and His power.

We’ll all be praying together. My firm conviction is that the Holy Spirit will answer every single prayer in the PC 2020 Prayer List. Hope you’ve included your own already. If not, do so by clicking on the button below.

I also urge everyone to go over there immediately and pray again and again over your prayer requests. But don’t be selfish. So, pray for other people’s entries as well. As many as you can.

We must have evidence in Jesus name!