We Can Change the World through Worship

God had made a lot of promises to Abraham, but it was only through genuine worship that he realized them all. All the promises God made to Abraham became fulfilled as the man worshipped his God.

God promised to make Abraham’s name great. But it was by lifting God through worship that Abraham became lifted; his name became great. He became the father of many nations.

God also promised to make Abraham a blessing to the world. Yet, it was only through worship that Abraham became a blessing to all nations. His worship created an epiphany for God that altered Abraham’s life, and consequently, the course of human history.

And the more I ponder on these things, the more I see that this is what can happen when we dare to worship: we can change the world through worship, because we change how God looks at the world, we change how God sees things.

As we will see further along in this series, what Abraham did on Mount Moriah inspired the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that brought salvation to the world. It’s just mind-blowing to see how much what we do here can actually inspire the God of the Universe. We can literally change the world through worship.

May God grant you a deeper understanding of worship. May He illuminate your heart and grant you a perfect understanding of what it truly means to worship Him. May He also enable you by His Spirit to genuinely worship Him. May your life become a string of altars upon which are placed valuable treasures in expression of your love and allegiance to God