Walk In Holiness And Consecration

Daniel 1:8 NIV
But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.

Everyone was doing it. It was the culture of the times. It was the cool thing to do. And it brought tremendous benefits.

But Daniel resolved not to join the bandwagon. This was because, as cool and as popular as that stuff was, it was against the laws of his God. So, he resolved not to participate.

Daniel was a man of distinction. He was a man of convictions. He was a man of God. His loyalty was to His God; not to opportunity; not to power and influence; not to financial gain.

And God honored His consecration. Daniel’s unwavering loyalty to His God brought the most powerful empire in history to its knees. It made the most powerful emperors fall on their knees and worship Daniel’s God.

My dad introduced me to Daniel so many years ago; I had just turned thirteen. And till today, the story of Daniel and his friends continue to captivate, inspire and challenge me to separate myself unto God, and walk in holiness and consecration.

Today, I pass this challenge unto all Blissfuls. Stop following the crowd. Stop conforming to the pattern of this world. Stop defiling yourself with the merriments of this world.

If you will choose today to stand apart for God, to walk in holiness and consecration, the Holy Spirit Himself will strengthen you to keep the faith, and enable you maintain your loyalty to the Him no matter the cost.