God’s Identity Depends On Who Is Asking.

Read the following line:

“I am Who I am”
~ Exodus 3:13,14

Now, let me simulate an imaginary conversation in order to make a very important point.

God: “I am Who I am.”

Person: “Really? So, Who exactly are you then?”

God: “It depends on who is asking.”

Person: “Hmmm. How do you mean?”

God: “Well, to Abraham, I am God Almighty. To Moses, on the other hand, I am the LORD. So, it depends on who is asking.”

Person: “Why is that? Aren’t you one God?”

God: “Of course, I am One. However, I manifest in an infinite variety of identities, depending on who I’m dealing with, and what I intend to accomplish.”

Person: “Please, explain further. I think I’m getting it, but I’m not too sure.”

God: “If you were to ask Abraham about me, he’ll tell you that I am God Almighty. That was the variety of my identity that he knew. But if you were to ask Moses, He’ll tell you something else; he’ll tell you that I am the LORD. This is because that was the variety of my identity that he knew.”

Person: “Oh, I get it now. So, you reveal yourself in a variety of identities. Each of those identities then is just a part of the entirety of your being. Is that so?”

God: “No. As you should know, a variety is complete in itself, yet it’s a unique expression of the whole. For instance, there are many varieties of the rose flower. A certain specie of the rose flower is complete in itself, yet it’s just another unique expression of the rose family.”

Person: “Wow…”

God: “Yes. Again, think of the human family; it has many varieties – Caucasian, Negroid, and so on. Each of these varieties is complete in themselves; fully human, yet unique expressions of the human specie. So, the LORD, God Almighty, and others are full-fledged, but unique, identities of mine.”

Person: “This is truly amazing.”

God: “You bet it is. Look at it this way: take a piece of paper and write I Am _______. The blank after ‘I am’ has an inexhaustible spectrum of unique answers; varying from person to person.

Person: “I understand. So, what is it for me? Do I get to decide?”

God: “Not at all. I dwell within you, and when you connect with me, you can discover your own answer to the question.”