think-smartphone We are now in what some are calling the post-PC era, where mobile devices – smart-phones, and so on – are increasingly becoming the preferred tools for personal and corporate business communications and operations.

Have you upped your game yet, so as to remain relevant and competitive in this emerging era?

The signs are everywhere for those who have eyes to see. For instance, for the very first time ever, cell phones are now used more for data operations, than for voice calls. As a matter of fact, leading global telecom providers, like AT&T, and T-Mobile have already begun to reposition their technologies for a world where mobile devices rule in the business world, and where multi-media business data communications become the preferred use for mobile devices.


1.  I think you should begin to invest more of your time and resources right away to master the relevant new mobile computing and communication skills.

2.  Upgrade your personal and corporate business technologies (like websites), tools, and structures (systems, etc.), in order to leverage the new realities to your advantage.

There’s no other choice, unless you’d rather prefer to be left behind in a rapidly evolving world.

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