Who Knew God Better, Abraham Or Moses?

My aim in this post is to help you gain a deeper understanding of God and His purpose for your life. I hope that after reading this message, you’ll become better equipped to fulfill your destiny. At the root of this teaching is the truth that you are unique.

God also said to Moses, I am the Lord, I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as God almighty, but by my name the Lord, I did not make myself known to them.”
~Exodus 6:2-3

Abraham was the grand patriarch of all patriarchs. He had such an enviable walk with God that he is generally regarded as the father of faith. He was a close friend of God; a great man before God. He even hosted God and angels bodily – they came to his home in the flesh and literally ate food in his house. Yet, he never knew God as Moses did.

Now pay attention to this: it’s not that Moses had a superior knowledge of God. The revelation, ‘the Lord’, is not superior to the revelation, ‘God Almighty’. It’s just that Moses knew God differently from Abraham. God manifested Himself differently to Moses from the way He manifested Himself to Abraham.

Abraham and Moses knew God individually in revelations unique to each of them.

Think about this and be sure to read this sequel to the point already made here.