Trust Without Borders

Luke 12:24 EEB | “Think about the birds. They do not plant seeds in the ground. They do not cut down plants to eat. They have no buildings to store food. But God gives them food to eat. You are much more valuable than the birds.”

Fear is a key factor to not trusting God. This is because trust involves risks and requires courage. It entails total abandonment of your entire life and plans to God. This can be quite scary. So, usually our intellect and reasoning gets in the way. The fear of the uncertainty, and unpredictability of the outcome of our trust kicks in.

The birds of the air do not sow or reap. The flowers do not labour nor spin. Yet God takes care of them all. They are free and unfettered, and not bugged down by the care of living, but carefree in the care of God.

Oh Lord, help us to realise that we count far more than the birds and the flowers. Enable us to abandon ourselves to You, and not take thoughts for tomorrow. Like the birds, help us to break free from every stronghold of the mind. Lead us to trust You without borders. Amen!