Your True Self Is Breathtaking!

The concept of self-discovery fascinates me.

Imagine from childhood that you have been using a certain magical or diabolical mirror that portrays you as a chimpanzee living in a hideous jungle. When you look into the mirror that’s what you see. When you look into a pool of water that’s what you see. When you look at any surface that can reflect images, that’s what you see. To crown it all, that’s what everybody around you tell you that you look like. Maybe you’re now twenty-five years old. And this grotesque picture is what you have of yourself.

Now, imagine that suddenly, after 25 years, someone shows you another mirror; and what you see is a lovely, beautiful, glamorously dressed and ornamented person standing in the world’s most beautiful garden.

What do you think your first reaction will be? You might run! Scream! Faint!

It’s not always easy to deal with your true self. The first time you behold yourself, it’s hard to accept because it’s so glorious. When you discover yourself, it is so amazing that your first instinct is to say, “I can’t be that.”

Your true self is breathtaking!

God looks at a man hiding behind the closet and calls him a king. And the man says “What are you talking about?” Because we are all used to defining ourselves based on how other people relate to us. We estimate our worth based on how other people respond to us.

So Jesus Christ actually came into this world to break that spell that the devil has placed over our lives. Satan has lied to us; people have lied to us through the years. And Jesus has come with the original mirror. He is the original mirror to now show you and myself who we really are.

Discover yourself!