An Altar is A Worship Memorial I

In the previous episode – A Life of Worship is A Life of Altars – I introduced the concept of ‘Altars’. There, I pointed out that Abraham’s journey with God was a string of altars, and that you cannot claim to be worshiping God if there are no altars and sacrifices associated with your walk with God.

Now, let me tell you more about altars; because altars are an integral aspect of worship. It is a place of worship.

There are so many teachings on altars. Some teach that you ‘build’ an altar in your house by designating a space, or erecting a structure at one corner of your house where you go to pray.  Really that’s silly, because that’s not what an altar is.

An altar is a place of worship; not because it’s a geographical space dedicated to God through verbal praying, but because it is where you break your alabaster jar of perfume and shed your blood in response to your consuming love for Him. Your altar is that point in time and space in your journey with God where you sacrifice your most valuable treasures in love and obedience to Him. Your altars are memorials of how much your walk with God has cost you.

It’s an altar because something happened there. Something took place right there, and that’s what makes it an altar. It’s not your verbal dedication of a place that makes that place an altar. It is what goes on there that makes it an altar. Mount Moriah became an altar to Abraham because it was a point in time and space where he sacrificed his only son Isaac.

So as we continue our study of genuine worship as revealed in the bible versus the modern day concept of worship; it is crucial you understand the place of altars in worship. This is the 18th instalment in an on-going multi-part series on Genuine Worship. Click here to subscribe to the podcasts so you can listen to these messages anytime and anywhere throughout the day on your iPod, Mac, Pc, iPad, and so on.