To Succeed, Ask The Right Questions

We’ve been focused on the life of Elijah. We’ve been studying all the outstanding miracles that God used him to perform and how that failed to transform the nation of Israel as Elijah sorely desired. He didn’t achieve any success despite even calling down fire from heaven.

Now, there are several things that I would want to point out to you here. You would need to keep an open mind to be able to see and receive them.

First of all  is to take note of the fact that Elijah was not just a fire-invoking holy man. When we look at Elijah today, we tend to see this ‘fire-invoking’ holy man that lived on a mountain and wore camel’s hair for a garment. When we think about him, we imagine this prophet of God that was always on the mountain or somewhere in the wilderness, praying and invoking fire. The mere thought of Elijah evokes a feeling of fire for many. Thanks to religion! It is so pathetic and saddening that this is the picture of Elijah that religion has presented to us.

But if you take a close look at the life of Elijah, you will also see that Elijah was a very strategic person. For him, it wasn’t just about praying, calling down fire and displaying amazing miracles. He was a pragmatic thinker. He was a strategic thinker. He was one person that thought about the end, not just the means. He came to that point where he analyzed the impact of his actions in his life and on his nation; and when he didn’t see a corresponding effect, he asked the question-“what’s the point?”

Now, I want you to notice that throughout this story you never see God condemn Elijah for once.

God never condemned Elijah because he was asking the right question. When you ask the question, ‘what’s the point?’, you are asking the right question. And to succeed in life, you have to ask the right questions.