Life is so filled with many interesting phenomena that one can not help but pause and analyze them. Becoming a star in one’s chosen field happens to be one of them.

The vast majority of human beings are filled with dreams and aspirations. We at Excellence Home church are not left out in this common passion to be stars, and we handled it in this week’s discussion.

If you despise the local stage, you will forfeit the global stage’

The above is a favourite mantra of Pastor W.D Favour. In case, you are wondering what he means by that, just be patient I will explain in a moment.

‘Do you see a man diligent in his business?
He shall stand before kings and not small men.’

The above is an advice from a sage in the book of proverbs. After many years of studying life, he came up with that admonition for anyone who wants to become a star in their chosen field.

The commom human tendency is to over look small beginnings, hence the mantra by Pastor W D Favour. The illustration of the mustard seed is now a cliche but it is all true. If you want to become a star, you must pay attention to the seemingly tiny tasks assigned to you now, or kiss goodbye to stardom.

Every sphere of life is governed by laws; after many years of oblivion to that fact with its attendant consequences, I learnt to pay attention. During our discussion, I did not fail to impress this law on how to become a star to my members, especially as we get ready for the Festival Of Home Churches 2010.

We ended the meeting by reminding ourselves of  this quote by the great scholar Aristotle

We are what we repeatedly do,
Excellence is therefore not an act but a habit

God bless you!