Tips to Prepare for Opportunities

The consistent diligent labours of your hands when no one watches,
will someday, make you glitter with the lustre of diamond – as everyone watches.

Mind what you do behind the scenes;
for that determines your essence in public.

~ Akandu, S

This week, we continued with last week’s topic. I showed that God designed it that everyone starts life in some sort of obscurity.

The purpose of obscurity is that you mend your flaws and get prepared for life’s limelight. However, failure to utilize your backstage leaves you unprepared when you meet with your opportunity. This is how many see themselves rehearsing on life’s centre stage instead of displaying with expertise. Hence, they tag themselves ‘unlucky.’

How then do you prepare?

1. First, your activities on the backstage determine your performance on the platform.

The most vital step is to take your activities in the closet as seriously as you would on the stage. As you train yourself behind closed doors, one day, your life behind the scene pops up and powers your public life.

Moreover, Ecclesiastes 12:14 teaches that God will bring to judgement every deed done in secret – both good and bad. This implies that God takes seriously what we do in privacy, for this determines who we are, our baseline preparedness, and thus, how we utilize opportunities.

It is your daily routine, and those things you do when you’re down to earth with yourself, that programme your subconscious mind and determine how you react to opportunities.

In life, all opportunities don’t weigh the same. A lot of the times, the most important opportunities come in disguise;  they come coded, and it’s those with fine-tuned decoding abilities that are able to decipher the codes.

The more you train yourself on the backstage, the higher the sensitivity of your decoding antennae; hence the more your ability to sniff out opportunities.

2. Prayer

3. God’s word.

4. Being faithful with little.

5. Embracing challenges:  The challenges of today must be converted into mastery and expertise for the victories of tomorrow. If you avoid challenges, you rob yourself of the experience, the expertise, the confidence and the opportunities.

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