Thoughts Matter (4) : Your Thoughts Decide Your Experiences

Proverbs 23:7 ISV | “For as he thinks within himself, so he is …”

If you think in your heart : “I am a poor salary earner.” And say with your mouth : “I am a billionaire.” You will not experience billions in your finances. Your thoughts must agree with your words and action. If they are not in agreement, it is called doubt. Doubt is disagreement between your secret thought and what your mouth is saying.

You are a Spirit being. You create forms with your thoughts and power them with your words. Whatever you are looking at, focusing on, imagining, listening to, you are absorbing within you. And if not aborted, it will manifest. If you are focusing on lack, but are saying abundance with your mouth, you will still give birth to lack.

Break negative thought patterns. Counter every negative thought that tries to fly in. Avoid conversations and news that instill doubts in your heart. Think on only what you want, and watch your life flow in that direction.