Blissful People Are Thoughtful, Thankful And Grateful

Hello Blissful People!
It’s another Testimonies Thursday!

Now, quite frankly, I don’t believe any of us is where we want to be. I strongly doubt that. But I’m definitely sure that not one among us is still where we used to be.

Each of us has moved forward and higher one way or another.

Yet, if we do not deliberately make the effort to pause and ponder on what the Lord has done so far, we could become blinded by the pressure of today’s immediate, urgent and pressing troubles.

Then we continue to jump from one prayer request to the other. Always complaining about this or that. Not taking the time to pause and reflect; to take stock of what God has already done, no matter how ‘little’.

And when we fall into that trap, our destiny becomes poisoned with ingratitude. And ultimately we become stagnant, frustrated and miserable.

The good news is that Blissful People have chosen not to fall into that trap. We chose to be thoughtful, thankful, and grateful. This is who we are.

So, right now, stop whatever you’re doing. Take a few moment and ponder on the goodness of the Lord.

What have you learned so far?
What prayers has God answered?
How has God provided for you and saved you from shame?

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