This Week’s Sermon Summaries

Here are the main points from this week’s sermons, blog posts, and podcasts.

  1. Mind God’s Methods I
    In God, how you get the result is even more important than the result.
  2. God Is Very Innovative
    When you walk with God, you must be open to change; because, you can never limit God to the former script.
  3. Don’t Trade The Ultimate For The Immediate
    Many people are getting immediate results, and forfeiting the ultimate.
  4. Manipulated Marriages Are Not Worth It
    Will you be able to trust in God enough until, in His way and time, He brings you a helper that is suitable for you?
  5. May God Strengthen Your Trust In Him
    I see you holding on until the result is visible. I see you holding on until the manifestations occur in the physical. I see you holding on until the finger of God is clearly seen in all areas of your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
  6. Your Help Is From Above
    When you understand that your help comes from the Lord, and you trust in Him to help you in His way and His time, then your blessings will flow forth from the Spirit.
  7. Spiritual Blessings Are Indestructible!
    Whatever you get by faith in God, by trusting God, by waiting patiently for God, is born of the Spirit.
  8. Work Is From God
    God is always at His work. Jesus is always at His work. And If you are not always at your work, you are not being like the Father; you are not being like God.
  9. Work Is Godly
    If you are God’s child, then, just like your Father, and Jesus Christ, find your work and get on with it.
  10. Laziness Is The Nature of Satan
    And just like work is from God – the nature of the Father – laziness is the nature of the devil. Idleness is in the nature of the devil
  11. What is Your Work?
    Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working.” ~ John 5:17 Work is from God; work is godly. So, what is your […]
  12. An Unsung Secret To Longevity
    We have all kinds of food, and Jesus is saying that your work from the Father is some sort of food.
  13. Never Ever Play With The House Of God
    When I talk about your assignment in the house of God, I’m not necessarily talking about only what you do in terms of ushering people to their seats, singing in the choir, welcoming first-timers and the likes
  14. You Need To Discover Why God Works
    To walk in harmony with Him, you need to discover why God works, what your work is, and then do your work the same way
  15. This Is Why God Works
    God’s reason for working is simple: To express Himself.