This Week’s Sermon Summaries

Here are the main points from this week’s sermons, blog posts, and podcasts

  1. Like Jesus, Never Accept the Verdict of Earthly Reflectors
    They called Him a non-entity. On a particular occasion, they referred to Jesus as an illegitimate child.
  2. You Just Need To Discover Yourself
    When you encounter your true self, you will not want to add or subtract from it. There’ll be no need to. You’ll simply celebrate it!
  3. How To Experience The Miracle of Metamorphosis
    You don’t need to improve what you look like; you need to see what you look like. Because when you see what you truly look like, you don’t try anymore. Self-improvement becomes unnecessary. You experience metamorphosis. As I wrote in ‘You Just Need To Discover Yourself‘ when you […]
  4. Your Abilities Are Waiting For Your Self-Image To Change
    You have a lot of abilities in you that are kind of dormant, and they’re just waiting for your self-image to change. Once that happens, they come alive.
  5. Change Your Mirror
    If you want to alter your attitude, change your mirror. If you want to change your actions, or anything else about yourself, change the mirror that is beaming reflections back at you.
  6. How To See What You Really Look LikeIf you want to know what you really look like, to discover yourself, consult God’s word.
  7. You Are Wiser Than You May Be Aware Of
    If you are the offspring of the only wise God, then it means that there is wisdom in your spiritual DNA. So you can comfortably come up and say, “I am wise.”
  8. Your True Self Is Breath-Taking
    Discover Yourself!
  9. You Are Another Manifestation  Of God
    This is your year of manifestation. It is the year that you will manifest your divinity on earth as the offspring of God. Discover yourself!
  10. You Are More Than A Conqueror
    Change the reflector you’re using. You are from God. Your identity is revealed through His Word. Don’t use your physical success to define yourself. Don’t, because that is limiting.
  11. Dare To Inspire Your World
    When you see someone who makes a mistake, you can show them who they really are with the word of God.
  12. How To Go From Glory To Glory
    Stay connected to God in fellowship. Continue to look intently at the revelation of who you are. And what happens is that like Jesus you’re simply going to go from glory to glory.
  13. This Is The Finger Of God
    Expect the finger of God this season. Expect to see results and manifestations that can only happen by the power of God working in your life. Believe God this season for great miracles.
  14. A Crash Course On Magic
    Do you want the tricks and make-believe of magic, or the clearly awesome manifestations of mighty miracles of the Almighty God?
  15. Miracles, or A Bunch Of Tricks?
    As I wrote in  A Crash Course On Magic, a lot of what you see as success in ministries and businesses today are merely magical illusions –people trying to reproduce God’s results with tricks. This requires theatre, contraptions, gimmicks, deception, and a huge cast. For instance, to reproduce […]