This Week’s Sermon Summaries

Here are the main points from this week’s sermons, blog posts, and podcasts.

  1. You Will Never Act Contrary To Your Self Image
    Your actions and decisions will always be in alignment with how you see yourself. Your behavior will always be in sync with your self-image.
  2. Self Images Are Built By Reflectors
    You accept certain things about yourself based on what the mirror has shown you through the years. Your self-image is based on reflections from different reflectors.
  3. How Reflectors and Reflections Reveal Yourself
    My aim here is to get you to understand the simple concept of sensual and spiritual reflectors in terms of shaping your consciousness of yourself.
  4. Parents Are Powerful Reflectors
    No matter how old you are, the words of your parents to you in your childhood will continue to play back in your mind. They invariably contribute to forming your self-image.
  5. Your Circumstances Are Powerful Psychological Reflectors
    It might interest you to know that your circumstances are powerful psychological reflectors. The things that go on around you can paint a picture of who you apparently are.
  6. My Parents Were Excellent Reflectors
    My mum made me feel as though I was the only perfect child. In fact, she kept saying that if every child was like me, then she would have had twenty children!
  7. Circumstances Are Never Permanent
    Not surprisingly, Jesus did not allow his immediate and temporary circumstances to affect how He saw Himself. He knew that appearances don’t last. Circumstances are never permanent.
  8. Don’t Fall For This Very Effective Trick
    The devil is able to capture a time-frame in your life when things are not going quite well for you, and twist it to your disadvantage.
  9. Why Some People Can’t Accept Compliments
    These people can’t accept compliments because it’s not consistent with how they see themselves.
  10. The Devil Is a Master Of Appearances
    Had the devil succeeded in altering the way Jesus saw Himself, he would have instantly distorted the self-image of Christ, and then taken control of the destiny of Jesus. Jesus did not fall for the trick.
  11. How Sound Is Your Self Image?
    A sound self-image is an image that has nothing to do with your success, failure, or circumstances.
  12. Your Righteousness Is A Person
    Recently, I made a mistake and the devil came to cash in on it. As you know, he always hangs around and snoops around in search of loopholes in people’s lives.
  13. Your Circumstances Are Subject To Change
    Change is a constant in the equation of life. New realities emerge every day.
  14. Your God Is Bigger Than Your Circumstances
    There’s nothing wrong with noticing your negative external circumstances, but then look at somewhere else. Don’t obsess about it. Your God is bigger than your circumstances. Don’t fixate on them.
  15. A Friend of Prostitutes
    You see, people are going to try to define you by the things around you.