This Week’s Sermon Summaries

Here are the main points from this week’s sermons, blog posts, and podcasts.

  1. Why Was Elijah Depressed?
  2. Take Off Those Religious Goggles!
  3. You Too Can Do This
  4. What’s The Point?
  5. A Utopian Expectation
  6. To Succeed, Ask The Right Questions
  7. Be Strategic In Your Thinking
  8. Go For Tangible Results
  9. Your Manifestations Are A Means To Your End
  10. Don’t Let The Glamour Blind You
  11. In What Ways Will Those Activities Create The End That You Seek?
  12. Are You Ready For The Next Level Of Influence?
  13. Don’t Miss The Point!
  14. What Is The Transformational Impact of Your Business, Ministry, Career?
  15. Don’t Be Childish; Go For Substance