This Week’s Preview

Expanded posting schedule

If you are a regular reader or subscriber to this blog, you may have noticed some changes in the frequency and format of my posts. Except on Sundays and Mondays, I now post severally each day – about 3 times: morning, afternoon, and evening – and include video podcasts with each post. I plan to continue doing this for the foreseeable future. Here’s a schedule you can expect:

  • On Monday mornings 6:00am (GMT+1), I will post a preview of the coming week’s posts and podcasts.
  • Then, from Tuesdays to Saturdays, I will post 3 podcast episodes (video clips + blog posts) on the key points of my current subject. Times will be (GMT+1): 6:00am, 1:00pm, 7:00pm.
  • Finally, on Sundays, by 6:00am (GMT+1), I will post a summary review of the current week’s podcasts.

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How you can further benefit from these posts and podcasts

If you use the posts here to guide your heart in your ministry to others, I encourage you to ponder the key points on Mondays to equip your heart and mind sufficiently for your weekly meetings and services.

Then, as the thrice daily podcasts are posted, listen to the messagesand reflect on each podcast as you continue to pray and prepare yourself to be an inspiration to those that are guided by you.

Finally, on Sunday mornings, use the reviews as a refresher reference guide to further nurture your capacity to inspire and transform the lives of those that God has assigned to you.

Now, here are the key points of this week’s topic:

This week, we’ll continue our in-depth look into the mystery of genuine worship. Here’s a review of the aspects we’ve already covered in this series. In addition to that, click here to subscribe to these inspirational podcasts.

In the course of this week’s podcast episodes, we will explore the following and other points regarding the mystery of genuine worship:

  • Your worship is an accurate measure of your love and fear for God. It shows how devoted you really are to God; how much He means to you.
  • Genuine worship that is borne out of real love for God is not always fun.
  • Your altars are memorials of how much your walk with God has cost you.
  • David’s dance to God was a huge sacrifice.
  • The true value of your worship to God is not just in your love for Him, but in what it costs you to express that love.

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