This Week in Review

Here’s a review of the past week’s blog posts and podcasts.

  1. There’s more to Worship than Mere Sacrifice
    The fact that you sacrificed something to God does not mean that that worship will be acceptable to God. At the end of the day, more than anything else, your heart decides the acceptability of your worship.
  2. He Kept Helping People
    This helps me to know that no matter what, I can always count on the Lord to reach out and help me. But it also inspires me to never let my pains hinder me from reaching out to help others.
  3. Never Stop Caring
    Great people are able to rise above their personal suffering and still continue to help other people.
  4. This is Just so Shocking to Me…
    You could validly argue that Simon of Cyrene assisted Jesus to carry out the greatest mission for mankind ever. Yet, not a word was said to him. This is shocking, really!
  5. Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up Lately?
    Thus, Jesus Christ came to the point in His life, where His spirit was still willing but His body was weak. And there was nothing He could do about it.
  6. Why Didn’t Jesus say Thank You?
    He stood in the gap for Jesus. He lifted up that cross. It was painful. It was heavy. And he carried it up the hill of Golgotha; not for himself, but for Jesus. Yet Jesus didn’t even say thank you. Now that’s uncharacteristic of Jesus!
  7. To Be Acceptable, Worship Must Be Voluntary
    The element of sacrifice in your worship is not enough to make your worship acceptable; it must be voluntary.
  8. A Facade of Devoutness
    Unfortunately, Simon’s devoutness was nothing but a façade. Every step that Simon of Cyrene took up that hill beside Jesus was abhorrent to Jesus.
  9. Is Your Worship Acceptable to God?
    “This lady has has sacrificed everything just to be able to worship you! God, the least you can do is to remove failure from her life.”
  10. Your Heart First; Then Your Deeds
    Uncheerful worship is absolutely worthless.
  11. Coerced Worship is Loathsome to God
    The truth is that if you’re manipulated into doing anything for God, your worship will not please Him.
  12. Are You a Victim of Charismatic Manipulations?
    It’s so embarrassing to see what so called men of God are doing; how they exploit their congregation.
  13. Mr Missionary, What About Your Immediate Family?
    The new mission frontier is no longer China, Africa or one unknown country in a forgotten part of the world. It is your family. Take the Gospel to your wife. Take the Gospel to your kids. Take the Gospel to your husband.
  14. Mr Preacher, Do You Really Need All That Overhead Cost?
    Preachers today bring themselves under unwarranted pressure because of all the superfluous mandates that they have set for themselves.

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