This is How Prophecies Work

Prophecies create expectations.

Then these expectations either get fulfilled or disappointed, creating joy, happiness, and exultation on one hand…

“For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.”  ~ Proverbs 23:18

…or frustrations, disillusionment, and sadness on the other.

“You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little…” ~ Haggai 1:9

Over the years, people have asked me, “Why didn’t so and so prophecies come to pass in my life?”

Well, here’s some lights on how genuine prophecies from God work.

A prophecy is a preview of the destination of a way. It’s a description of the features and ultimate end of a path.

Every road leads somewhere and has several landmarks along it. Where a road leads is referred to as its destination, from where we get the word destiny. You can’t separate a road from its destination, as both are inextricably linked. And when someone begins to walk along a certain road, you can, if you know that way, safely predict the experiences he will have there as well as the destinations he will reach if he continues along that way. And you will be right, not because people have ends, but because roads, ways, and pathways do.

People have free wills and can move away from certain ways, thereby disconnecting from the destinations of those ways.

Hence, it is ways, not people that are predestined.

Roads, ways, and paths are predestined. People are not.

Because God knows the end from the beginning of every road, He can reveal these destinations. (Isaiah 46:10) These revelations are what we receive as prophecies.

So prophecies are previews of the destinations of ways. They are descriptions of the features and ultimate ends of paths.

Prophecy is a divine way of saying, “If you keep travelling along this road, you’ll meet this and that, experience so and so, and reach here and there.”

For instance:

In the way of righteousness there is life; along that path is immortality.” ~ Proverbs 12:28

Please understand that it’s paths and ways that are pre-destined, not people.

When God wants you to experience certain blessings, He calls you to walk along certain ways. ~ Isaiah 30:21

God prepares His destinations and designs His ways to them. Then He calls you to walk on His ways. He calls you by His words and instructions. ~  Romans 8:29,30

The moment you get on that way, you become a partaker of the blessings and destinations of that way.

It is the pictures of these blessings and destinations that we receive via the Spirit as prophecies.

So, it’s not enough to celebrate prophecies, we must, like the wise, ask for His ways.

Ordinary folks get excited and carried away by the power and beauty of prophetic declarations. Wise and extraordinary people on the other hand move beyond that to seek His ways.

The wise thank God for the prophecies, but still ask, “Lord, what must I do to realize this in my life?”

Moses earnestly sought God’s ways.(Exodus 33:13) No wonder he commanded such extraordinary manifestations on the earth. He understood that God reveals Himself through His ways (that is, His words).

God’s ways constitute what is referred to as good understanding, which is what releases His favours. ~ Proverbs 13:15

So, you can’t enjoy His favours except you are walking in His ways.

Like David, we must seek His ways. ~ Psalms 86:11

His ends are inextricably linked to His ways. When we forsake His ways, we forfeit His ends.

So we must seek His ways. ~ Jeremiah 6:16

On the day of Pentecost, Peter delivered a very lengthy and powerful sermon filled with promises and prophecies. He previewed beautiful and mouth-watering ends and destinations of God. In the process, however, he forgot to point out the way to those destinations!

But his listeners had enough mental sophistication to ask for the way. “What shall we do to be saved?” ~ Acts 2:37

I call that wisdom.

The Philippian Jailer too demonstrated similar good spiritual sense when he asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” ~ Acts 16:30

As I’ve already stated, it’s not enough to celebrate the prophecies you’ve received in your life. You must move beyond that to ask for His ways. Thank God for the prophecies, then persevere in finding out what vital steps you must take to realize the prophecies in your life.

Have a fulfilling week!

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Dear Rev Wildfire,

Thank you for the post, this helps a lot.