There Is Hope For You (2)

Job 14:8-9 | AMP “Though its roots grow old in the earth and its stock dies in the ground, yet through the scent [and breathing] of water [the stump of the tree] will bud and bring forth boughs like a young plant.”

Water revives. It refreshes. It renews. Just like Prophet Ezekiel said, wherever it flows, everything lives. At the whiff of water, dried and dead stump of trees that are cut down begin to bud again. Wherever there is water, there is hope; there is the possibility of life.

Some of us are experiencing dryness, struggles, unnecessary delays, and deadness in some areas of our lives. We are going through difficult, impossible, and hopeless situations. Circumstances beyond your control have cut in and cut down on your life, joy, peace, and progress.

But be of good cheer, blissful. There is hope for you, because there’s a river within you. That river is the Holy Spirit. You cannot be stranded. He is your hope of a glorious life. May He be unlocked from within you, and bring restoration to every hopelessness around you!