The Word Of God Will Grow Mightily And Prevail In Your Life!

This will be your experience as well.

Bible Study | Acts 19:20 KJV | So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed.”

When you type your comment, I read it. And as I’m reading it, I see a vision or hear a word in my spirit for you from the Holy Spirit. This is a gift that the Holy Spirit Himself gave me.

Then I type this word in reply to your comment.

Sometimes it’s a warning. Sometimes it’s a lengthy message. Sometimes it’s a scripture verse or several scripture verses. At other times it could be just a single prophetic word, or some piece of advice.

In any case, receive it in your heart and believe it. When you read the reply, declare it over any aspect of your life that needs divine intervention.

The word will work for you. Today, and always. All the replies I’ve been giving you will grow mightily and prevail in every aspect of your life. In Jesus name.