Rev Wildfire Praying.

The Wildfire Of The Holy Spirit Will Shield You From This Satanic Poison

Lucifer and his human agents have successfully poisoned the atmosphere, the waters and human blood with a demonic disease called coronavirus that is now spreading around the world.

I saw this in the Spirit and can now confidently tell you that this poison came straight from Lucifer. But human wickedness in high places received it and agreed to help him spread it to cause death and misery on earth.

This is no joke. This plague is real. This is no time to be careless or complacent in the spirit.

At this point, I must urge all Blissfuls to come together under the prophetic covering of the Holy Spirit through the mandate of love, prayers and miracles that He has placed here.

I see a very powerful cloud of Fire hovering in the Spirit. And, regardless of where you are right now — United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, China, Russia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and so on —I call your spirit, soul and body under this cloud that I see.

It’s a cloud of fire for supernatural divine protection. It is a special gift. The Holy Spirit gave it to me through prayer. And it is for all of you that have followed and connected with me over the past two years plus, since He gave us Prayer Connect.

When you type in Blissfuls prophetic amen code this morning, regardless of where you are, you and your entire household anywhere in the world, will instantly come into this Fire.

The Wildfire of the Holy Spirit will shield you from this evil disease that stalks in the darkness and strikes in the midday. This Fire will cover you and your family completely, keeping you alive and safe until this evil plague has run its course. No matter how many fall around you, you will not be touched by this poison. In Jesus name.

Also, remember today is FFF!

God’s gifts to us are free. He demands nothing from us. Yet, when our hearts are filled with love for Him, and gratitude for His blessings, giving is inevitable. So, give blissfully and generously!