The Spirit of Abundance and Overflow

Scarcity is not a natural phenomenon: Look at the infinite hues of colors; the millions of species of birds, flowers, trees, and other forms of life on earth; look at the infinite volume of sand, water and air on this earth; look at the billions of moons, planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies in the universe—and you will find nothing in God’s creation to suggest that scarcity is in His nature.

Instead, everywhere you look, you see ABUNDANCE and OVERFLOW!!!

Nevertheless, in order to enjoy this realm of abundance, you must let the Holy Spirit take His place in your life. Let Him be your Shepherd—your Head; your Guide. Because, when the Holy Spirit becomes your Lord and Shepherd, you will lack nothing.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of abundance and overflow. When you submit completely to Him and let Him lead you, He will guide you into all the truth; bringing you into the knowledge of truth that will set you completely free. He will release all the riches of Christ into your life.