The Secret To A Joyful And Fulfilled Life

This life you have is a gift from God. The question is, are you enjoying it so far? Do you feel fulfilled? Or are you frustrated and miserable?

Understand this: The secret to a joyful and fulfilled life is not in how much you have. The secret is hidden in your heart.

Let me explain.

Long long ago, before a single star ever existed, God made you. At that point in eternity He designed you to display a certain aspect of Himself to all His creation. Then He put His Spirit within you to show you what this purpose is—that is, His perfect will for your life.

So God’s purpose for your existence is hidden in your heart. Only the Holy Spirit in you can show you what it is; and only He can help you fulfill it.

Now, if through the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit, you are able to discover God’s perfect will for your life and begin to do it, then you would have found the secret to a joyful and fulfilled life. Then you will become the happiest person that ever lived.

With this in mind, I encourage you take out some time and get away from everybody: friends, family, work, church, internet, and so on; from everybody and everything. There ask the Holy Spirit to show you what your life is about.

This is your life. It is a gift from God. But in order to enjoy it and be fulfilled in it, you must live it in line with God’s Will for it.