Forbes List is not God’s List

On the material plane – that is, in the eyes of the people of this world – success is a matter of big numbers and massive sizes: He pastors a congregation of 50,000 people. He has a billion dollars in his bank account. In today’s world, there’s something they call the Forbes List. According to that list, people are graded on the basis of how much monetary capital they’ve accumulated. Then they say, “So and so is worth so and so.” It’s silly, you know; but that’s how this sick world works.

But it’s even more pathetic to see folks in church rate people on the basis of worldly scales. Well, I’ve got some news for you: That you are the richest man, according to Forbes, doesn’t make you so in God’s eyes. Forbes list is not God’s list. This is actually my point in this post; because, I think that the pulpit of the 21st century has gotten so secularized it’s lost it’s way in the world.

Understand: If you are in Christ, you are not of this world. You are different. You come from another Kingdom. God doesn’t use the same frame of reference as Forbes, and neither should you.

You could have all the billions in the world and still be a pathetic failure in the sight of God — and even in the sight of men for that matter.