The Realm Of Infinite Possibilities

Mark 9:23 NIV | “Everything is possible for him who believes.”

Everything is possible for him who believes. Merge that with Mark 10:27 which says that, ‘everything is possible with God.’ It means that God, who is same as His word (John 1:1), is the essence of belief. To believe is to receive and align with God’s word. So, everything is possible for him who receives and submits to God’s word.

God works with His word. His promises are hinged on His instructions. Our distinction and miracle is in His command. Naaman was healed of his leprosy as he hearkened to the command of God. The ten lepers were healed as they went to obey Jesus’s instruction. The Zarephat widow came into abundance as she yielded to the word of God to her.

The realm of alignment and obedience is the realm of the supernatural and miracles. It is the realm of infinite and limitless possibilities. It is the realm of eternity. We connect to this realm by prayer. Lord, grace us to pray, open our ears to receive your command, and enable us to obey. Bliss be with you!