The Product, The Manual, The Maker

These days, most people own a phone.
I’m sure you own one.

You also know that the maker of your phone made it to function in a certain way. Then they produced a manual to guide the use of that phone for maximum benefit.

And as long as you operate your phone the way the maker designed it to be used, you’ll enjoy the phone.

You don’t even need to know the maker of the phone to enjoy the phone. All you need is follow the phone’s manual; the maker’s prescriptions on how to use the device.

Now, let’s think of life in the same way.

Job 33:4 NIV
The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Life is pretty much like your phone. Someone designed life and gave it to humans. He also created a manual to guide the use of life for maximum benefit.

This manual is primarily embedded in nature. If you are a meticulous observer of nature, and if you apply your observations to life, you should do well.

And just like your phone, you don’t even need to know the Maker of life personally in order to use and enjoy life. As long as you understand how life works, and adapt yourself to its principles, you’ll enjoy it.

But, what if you’re so intrigued by life that you want to know the Person behind it? What if your experience of life has triggered a desire in you to meet the Maker of such a beautiful product?

Then that makes you part of an extremely rare species of humans.