The Only True Religion

What do people go to sacred temples to do?
To lift their hands in ‘worship’ to God?
And what is worship,
If not deep felt gratitude for the goodness of God?
And do you need to be in a human edifice to do that?
Must you be in a manmade building
Before you can feel and express your gratitude to God?

What then would you say
Of the one that is busy at his labour?
Who after reaping a windfall from his honest sweats,
Screams with excitement?
Whose happiness is spontaneous, genuine and uninhibited?
Isn’t that worship?
Wouldn’t God receive it right there?
Or would He rather say,
‘Wait, when you get to church I’ll collect it”?
Or, “Ok, when you come and give testimony in church
I’ll accept it”?
Isn’t his spontaneous burst of gratitude
To God for goodness received
Enough and acceptable before his God?

A temple is wherever you can meet God.
And that is every step of the way.
A holy place is whenever God can be known.
And that is every moment of each day.
Let wherever you are,
Be the temple of your God.
And every waking moment,
His holy place.
The place wherein you stand now,
Is holy ground.
Here and now is forever favoured.

Your Maker dwells within you,
And you are one and same with your God.
He is neither without,
Nor apart from you.
Therefore, serve only Him
And not That of another.
Let your God be yours alone.
And you His only.

Shun the external gods of men.
And their many routines of slavery.
For they seek to enslave you.
And drive you to their end.
If you must have a religion,
Then may it be one of your own design.
To serve your journey.
And to bring you endless peace and bliss.

Yet, may it never be the false hope
That holds fools captives forever.
That blind optimism
That timidly flees from reality.
Rather, may your religion be personal;
One that flows
From the core of your uniqueness.
And may every day of your life be your religion.
Not something that happens only on set days.
Nor one that takes place only in set places.

So let the universe,
In all of her awesome grandeur,
Be your own sacred place of worship.
And your body,
Your own holy of holies.
In each moment of your life,
Know that your own God is inside of you.
For the only true religion
Is that stream of life
That flows from your Source within,
Refreshing and lighting up the world
With the uniqueness and purity
Of your own divine essence.