The Money Motive Poisons

It’s very important that in doing your work, you don’t go about it as a means of getting your daily provisions. It is vital that in carrying out your assignment from the Father, you don’t see it as a means of making money. I can’t say this enough.

I want to encourage you, in whatever expression that God has given you, even if it’s your business, don’t be about the money motive. We’ve even seen people in the natural realm today apply this principle. A lot of these start ups in Silicon Valley, a lot of these technological companies, never even make any profit in the first few years.  Some don’t make profit for seven years; others for ten years and more. But the guys that start these things keep pushing ahead with their work. Their passion doesn’t dwindle, because it’s not about the money. Their enthusiasm doesn’t flag, simply because they are in it for the joy of creating a product that will make the world a better place. They are focused on fulfillment.

So in your own attitude, don’t see your work as a means to make money. Don’t see work as a means to put food on the table, because that’s the wrong attitude. It is a poisonous attitude. You poison your work with the money motive. Instead see it as an avenue of expression. See what you do as a channel for blessing humanity.

When you have this approach towards your work, you begin to find fulfillment. What happens is that you begin to express it in a very wonderful and in a very beautiful way.  And as you start manifesting all these wonderful things,  you begin to bring joy and praise, and glory to the Father. Actually what you’re doing is that you are participating in the divine nature. You are now a partner with God in creating and in blessing creation. What an awesome privilege.