The Mind of Christ 2: The Mind of Christ vs The Carnal Mind

To the carnal mind, lifted up means worldly wealth, power, and influence. To the mind of Christ, lifted up means laying down your life in obedience to God’s will. On the other hand, in Jesus’ mind, to be lifted up means to be crucified. When he spoke of being lifted up from the earth as we saw from yesterday’s scripture, He meant His death on the cross.

God’s way of seeing things is so radically different from man’s, that if something is highly valued among men, it instantly becomes despicable in God’s eyes. Our thoughts and our ways differ from His, when walk in the flesh – when we are ruled by our human nature and its desires. There can never be fellowship with Him that way.

Oh Lord, help us. Heal our minds. Renew it. Make us whole again.

Wildfire EastWind
Wildfire EastWind
Wildfire EastWind is an ardent lover of the Holy Spirit; wife to Rev Wildfire, helping him as Pastor and Missionary in the Wildfire Mission to spread the message of consecration.