The Kingdom Of God (3): This World Is Passing Away

1John 2:17 | “The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.”

Sometimes, I laugh when I read statements like, ‘He is worth a billion dollars.’ This is a phrase used to describe a person’s financial earnings and therefore his ‘value’ in the eyes of the world. And daily, folks — including God’s children — hustle, scheme and do everything in their power to increase their ‘net worth’.

I laugh because the idea of evaluating the worth of a human being in terms of money is twisted to me. I believe the value of a human being is way higher than money. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t think so.

However, let’s remember that this world with all its cravings is passing away. Only the purposes of the Lord will remain. And when you align yourself to the will and purposes of the Lord for your life, you too will enjoy abundant life forever. Receive grace to stay steadfast and to stay focused on the Lord as you journey through life. Bliss be with you.