The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is not a doctrine to be learnt and mastered. He is not topic or subject to be discussed.

He is God Himself.

He is a Person; too deep and mysterious, though, to be fathomed by human or angelic minds.

He appeared to me first at the age of 17 and introduced Himself to me. And ever since that day, I’ve longed to know Him more and more.

He is compassionate. Very loving and kind. He is supremely patient. I can’t even begin to describe how patient He has been with me through all these years.

Yet, what I love the most about Him is that He knows everything. I mean, everything.

I remember once this website was hacked by some malicious actors. I had never seen that level of coding and hacking before. Even my tech support people were at a lost on what to do. They battled to recover the website for over 48 hours without success.

When all hopes seemed to be lost, I walked to the window in my room, looked out and thought of the Holy Spirit. And in that moment, I felt His presence. And I asked Him to help us.

Seconds later, He gave me an instruction on what to do. It looked so unrelated to the problem at hand. But I’ve come to trust Him absolutely. So I went back to my computer and did exactly as He told me.

To my greatest surprise, and joy, the malicious codes disappeared from the server, and the website came back online as though nothing happened.

The action He instructed me to take was by far beyond my level experience or expertise. To this day, I have no clue what I did, neither can I replicate it or teach it to anyone.

In fact, I ran downstairs immediately to where Pastor Sharon was in the kitchen and said to her, “I think I’m possessed!”

She looked at me matter-of-factly and replied, “Didn’t you know?”

Yes! I’m possessed! By the Holy Spirit!

He is everything to me, and I love Him beyond words.

Today, I pray to know Him even more. To fall deeper and deeper and deeper in love with Him. To be completely submitted to Him in all aspects of my life.

And I pray the same for all His Blissful People everywhere. In Jesus name.