The Holy Spirit Is The Love Of Our Lives

Blissful people are lovers and followers of the Holy Spirit.

That is the only thing that matters about us. Every other thing about us is insignificant.

The Holy Spirit searches all hearts. He knows our hearts. He knows that we love Him. Because He made us that way.

And He tells me this all the time: “I sent you to Blissful People because they are mine. I love them and they love me.”

On the surface, it might not appear so. On the surface it may look like we’re here just to get our prayers answered.

You know, we come here and we pray for this and for that: open doors, financial breakthroughs, marital settlement, healing, deliverance, miracles and so on.

Yet the Holy Spirit tells me, “Don’t let their prayer requests blind you to the true intentions and desires of their hearts. You can’t see their hearts. But I do. They love me so much, and I love them deeply too.”

And so, while we talk to Him about our immediate needs and pressures, and while He showers us with His favours, I must continue to urge you to follow your true passion:


Blissful People, we are lovers and followers of the Holy Spirit. He is the love of our lives. He is our passion. We’re deeply in love with Him. Nothing and no one will ever come between us.