The Holy Spirit Is Our Habitat

Acts 17:28 NIV
‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’

Reflect on this: The Holy Spirit is our habitat.

Like a fish in the water, like a lion in the jungle, in Him we live and move and have our being. He defines our boundaries.

Everything God has given you is located within those boundaries. As long as you’re living, moving, and having your being within the boundaries of the Spirit, all that the Father has given you will gracefully come to you with zero struggle and stress.

Furthermore, as long as you are living, moving and having your being within the boundaries of the Holy Spirit, you’re invincible.

Satan understands all this better than you can ever imagine. Which is why he has just one goal: To lure you out of your habitat. To bait you out of the boundaries of the Holy Spirit. That’s all he cares about. Nothing else matters to Him.

So, he’ll stop at nothing to distract you. He’ll use anything and anyone: church folks, business, family, spouse, enemies; makes no difference; he’ll use whatever is available.

You must be aware of this so you don’t play into his sneaky hands. Guard your heart and protect your focus with all diligence.

But, always remember that you’re not in this all by yourself. We’ve got the Holy Spirit Himself with us, just as Jesus Christ promised. Let us always remember to ask for His help. He’s our Ever Present Help, and He will keep you from falling.