The Great Dividing

Before Time

You began your personal metamorphosis before time; in the very heart of eternity; as an Eternal Divine Spirit.

When this divine eternal spirit, YOU, entered into the region of time and space – the material or physical universe – YOU needed a human soul and body to serve your purposes.

The Fusion

Upon entry into the material universe of time and space, you acquired a human soul and body.
These became part of YOU. And YOU quickly fused with them.

As a result of this fusion on entry, you gradually assumed the identity of your soul.
In other words, you gradually began to see yourself as mere human being.

Participating in Humanity

Then you began to participate in human experiences.
YOU gradually lost your consciousness as a God; as an Eternal Divine Spirit.
YOU became lost and trapped in your humanity.
Thus, the servant became the master.

The Great Dividing

Now, the Living, Active Sharper-Than-Any-Double-Edged-Sword Word of God has come and divided YOU [Eternal Divine Spirit] from your human soul.
Thus YOU [an Eternal Divine Spirit], who is God, has now returned to yourself.

And Now You Have Two Choices

  1. Fuse back with your human being.
    That is, continue to see yourself as a human being.
  2. Maintain and reinforce this dividing.
    See yourself now as a divine eternal spirit; while seeing your human soul and body as your servants.