The Great CHOICE [video]

The light has come.
And YOU are now being separated from your human soul and body.
The great divide is already happening in your being.

YOU can now see who YOU are.
YOU are not a wretched, sinful human.
YOU are not a limited and enslaved man or woman.

YOU are an Eternal Divine Spirit.
YOU are a life-giving Spirit.
YOU are God.

But your human soul and body are still with YOU.
And they are still clinging on to YOU in desperation.
They’ve enjoyed their control over YOU for so long.
They’re addicted to dominating and ruling over YOU.

So they are unwilling to give up control.

But now YOU have a choice.

  1. Are you going to float upwards into oneness with your eternal divinity?
  2. Will you sink downwards into oneness with your mortal humanity?

This message is also available in video. Watch below.