The Gentle Touch Of The Holy Spirit

When is the last time you felt the gentle touch of the Holy Spirits love in your heart? Have you ever been moved to tears because you realize how much God loves you? Do you want to feel His closeness today? 

The truth is we can’t make it without Gods loving touch. Daily we need to have a touch from the Lord. Holy Spirit is there with you now, waiting for you to receive that special reminder today. 

God is kissing your heart with His love. He is loving you back together again. Holy Spirit is waiting for you to run into His arms today. He is making your heart glad. Right now stop and ask Holy Spirit to touch your heart with His love. Now, just revel in this moment. Be infused with the surging life of His love afresh. 

Wildfire WestWind
Wildfire WestWind
Wildfire WestWind is a Consecrated One; and has the honor of helping Rev Wildfire as a Missionary and Pastor in the Wildfire Missions. She is an amplifier for the voice of God on the earth; transmitting Holy Spirit inspired teaching and preaching to God’s chosen people all over the world.
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