The Force Of Divine Favour Will Shoot You Up!

Already, most of you have received amazing miracles of God’s favours. Today, I can feel that anointing even more than ever. That Spirit of favour is flowing here as I type.

Bible Study | Psalm 67:7 NLT |Yes, God will bless us, and people all over the world will fear him.”

And if you can connect like a little child with your Amen, the force of divine Favour will shoot you up to a phenomenal level that will make the world fear God.

Yes, God will bless you, and people all over the world will fear Him.

My favorite testimonies here are usually when someone pays attention and carefully notes the words the Holy Spirit gives through my replies to their comments.

Make a special request from God this morning to provoke the flow of His Favour and His Power in My Pen. Then, pay attention to what the Holy Spirit says to you through my replies. Carefully note the reply—maybe write it down someplace where you can always see it.

Can you dare to receive the word of God to you today with the unquestioning simplicity and humility of a little child?

Your future is brighter than the noonday sun!
God is taking you to places you never imagined!
Out of today’s adversities will emerge sweet and enviable testimonies!

Do you believe?

Just type #AMEN!