The Elements Bow To Faith

After feeding the multitude, the people wanted to make Jesus king by force. I think the disciples must have gotten caught up in the frenzy and actually gotten quite excited and hopeful of ‘great’ things. So, when Jesus noticed that they were getting funny ideas, He put them into a boat and sent them away, dismissed the multitudes, and escaped up the mountain to pray.

By the time He came down afterwards, there were no boats by the shore. And what did He do?

He didn’t run around in confusion whining that there was no boat to take Him across. Instead, He stepped right on top of the lake and began to walk on the water like it was the most natural thing to do!

And you know what? The elements bowed to Him and supported Him.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my walk with God, it’s that whenever you step out in faith as a new creation, the elements bow to you. The elements respond to faith, not to worry. The elements respond to faith, not to anxiety. The elements respond to faith, not to fear.

The elements have been programmed by the Creator to bow to people of faith. Every time a man or woman step out in faith, the elements must bow to them.

When in Christ you step out in faith, creation will respond to you differently from the way it responds to others.

Let me tell you this: When Jesus Christ walked on water, He didn’t do that as God; He did it as a man. That was what the angel told me. He said to me, “Every miracle that Jesus Christ did on earth was never done as God; He did it all as a man.” Jesus Christ simply showed us what a man could do if only he would trust absolutely in God.

And, as if to prove just exactly that, as He walked on the water towards His disciples, they got scared, thinking He was a ghost. Somehow, however, Peter summoned up courage to ask for an invitation to walk on the water. Jesus told him to come on. Peter scrambled out of the boat and stepped on top of the water.

And what did the water do? It bowed to Peter as well and supported Him! So, Peter began to walk on the water as well!

Understand: If you will step out today in absolute faith and trust in God, every contrary wind around you today will bow to you.