Selfishness is easy. It’s basic to human nature. It doesn’t require any efforts to be selfish, just look at any little baby as they grow, and you’ll see my point. It comes naturally to them!
But when you think of selflessness, the opposite of selfishness, you think of courage; you think of self esteem; you think of self awareness – because it takes these to be selfless.

Selfless sharing is the not so easy way to abundance and wealth…lol.

The person operating at a lower consciousness of being thinks that selfless sharing is a weakness, yet it is the highest expression of love; and love is the greatest of all forces operating in the universe. The more empowered you become in your innermost being, the more selfless you get. Then you begin to touch others and then you begin to bring healing both to individuals and to the human family. It is this positive impact of selfless sharing on others that attracts abundance and wealth to you.
Whatever you make happen for others, you attract to yourself.

Whereas it’s only natural to be selfish, selfless sharing is challenging, but empowering.
Selfless sharing connects you to the ultimate force in the universe – that force is love.

Selfishness is a sign of infanthood – immaturity.
It is a mask for low self esteem, fear, and insecurity.
It is a form of primitivity.
The selfish man is afraid of losing the little or much that he has, and this is exactly why what he has diminishes in value.

“The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.”
-Proverbs 11:25

This is simply another way to say that selfless sharing is the way to abundance and wealth.
Selfless sharing makes the earth a pleasant paradise.

Think about blog traffic building, for instance; how do you increase traffic to your blog? Is it by spamming every other site, blog, and social media with your URL and links? Of course not. Anyone with a significant traffic to their blog would easily agree that massive traffic is a mere result of selfless sharing.
When you are willing to part with what you have with the sole intention of adding positive value to the life of others, you are rewarded with more abundance and more wealth than you can handle.

My experience as a blogger is that I really don’t have to bother much about traffic. I enjoy the various social media and forums I’m active on. For instance, I enjoy the community over there at StumbleUpon. Yes, I do get hundreds of visitors from there daily, but that’s not my primary motivation for participating in that community. I just love to share my favorite discoveries and sites with others! In fact, most of the times that I’m browsing and doing online research, I’m thinking, “I need to share this…I need to share that..with my friends over at StumbleUpon.” I want to create the highest quality of value that I can for those that stumble upon my blog and those that subscribe to it.
Result? Hundreds of visits from those who are empowered by my collections.
What if all I cared about was for reciprocate stumbling? Then I’ll simply be diminishing my capacity to positively impact others. I’d be petty and selfish and ultimately shrink the sphere of my influence, thereby repelling, rather than attracting abundance and wealth.
Similarly, my aim at twitter is to transmit positive, inspiring, and life changing thoughts. I also want to stimulate life empowering discussions there. This is why I get a lot of testimonies, replies, and direct messages telling me the impact my tweets are having on twitters.
Result? Hundreds of page views and ad clicks from twitters.

The most important aspect of abundance and wealth is not what you have, it is what you selflessly share.
Everything you have is meant to be shared selflessly in one form or the other.
Regardless of what you think of your socio-economic status, you have a lot to share.
You can share your good thoughts.
You can share your life transforming and empowering experiences.
You can share your pains and your joys.
You can share your time and energy.
You can share your knowledge, skills, and abilities.
You can share your material resources.

The essence of relationships is selfless sharing.
When your connecting with others is strictly motivated by selfless sharing, you’ve attained the peak of freedom and wealth.

I’ve discovered that the more I make the tough decision to think solely in terms of selfless sharing, the more inner joy and sense of fulfillment I get. It’s not about the absolutely inevitable consequence of abundance and wealth; it’s about the thrill and sense of empowerment that I feel deep inside me.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of empowerment as a direct result of selfless sharing? Please selflessly share it with us in the comment section.

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I think the only real selflessness is from a parent to a child. It is done without thinking.

Arnold - Mr.Gadget
Arnold - Mr.Gadget

I like the idea of selfless sharing!