The Courage To Speak

At midnight, when the storms roared and the boat began to sinkk, a man filled with courage spoke to the wind and said, “Peace be still”.

The children of Israel had provoked the Lord, and were at the verge of being wiped out, when a courageous man spoke on their behalf, and the Lord tempered justice with mercy.

The courage to speak, not only for yourself but for others as well, is the pathway that leads to greatness and distinction.

So, this week at the Infinity Home Church, we decided to speak out and share stories of instances where we’ve been courageous enough to make bold moves, step out of our cocoons, and damn whatever be the consequences.

I was so sick; serious complications had arisen as a result of the bronchi pneumonia I had come down with. My life was meaningless to me. I wanted to be someone else – anyone else, but without the aches, pain and suffering. The frequent trips to the hospital were now disgusting. I didn’t know what to do.

Still in agony, I was diagnosed with a kidney infection that threatened to take my life away from me.

Panic, chaos, fear!

I was in a frenzy, scared to death, and the doctors words kept reechoing in my mind, “the situation is bad, like, really bad”.

Out of options, I started medications and was in the middle of it, when a man filled with courage spoke to me. He said, “Stop all the medications and believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ”.

Now, that was a tough one, considering my past.

However, I took a step of courage, and as Raymond Lindquist said, “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar,” I let go of the familiar – the drugs, going back to the hospital – and believed in God’s word.

I haven’t gone back to the hospital and its been over two years. My health has been completely restored. I’m whole!

Just dare to let go of the familiar. Be bold! Be courageous! There’s no stopping you.

God bless you and remain in His embrace.