The Choice Is Yours.

Each day is filled with many choices. Some are small and seemingly insignificant ones. Others you may deem as very important. But nonetheless they are choices. You make choices based on value and preference. For example if I give you a choice of a regular rock from the ground or a diamond I think it’s easy to say that you would choose the diamond. Maybe if you ask a small child they may choose the rock because they don’t understand the value of a diamond or maybe they just like the color or shape of the rock.

So with that being said, depending on your values and preferences will decide the quality of your choices. And they will give you a particular outcome. I think that many times people aren’t getting the outcome they desire because they are making poor choices in their daily life. They are placing more value on things that are really not that important. And they are not giving the value to others that are more important. 

In my life I have been mocked for making certain choices that people in the world around me thought were foolish. For example during our Renewal at the end of the year I made the choice to not work on some projects and to give myself fully to the Holy Spirit. I had people make comments like “they don’t have the luxury of taking two weeks off to meditate”. But I had bills that were do like them, I have a child, I have responsibilities and so on. But I made a choice. And as a result I was able to give my attention fully to the Lord and received a powerful life changing revelation and at the end a mysterious money came to me and it was the exact amount I needed to pay my bills. Glory! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you make better choices in your day so that you can get the results you desire. Ask Him to help you to value the things of the Spirit above the things of the world. Bliss to you and may you choose well.

Luke 10:42| “but few things are needed–or indeed only one. Mary has CHOSEN what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”