For so many days now, the Holy Spirit has been speaking this scripture to me. And today He wants me to give it to you:

Isaiah 1:19 NIV
[19] If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land;

Regardless of where you are right now, there are good things in your land. And I am convinced that the Lord wants you to have the best of whichever land you occupy.

But you need to be willing and obedient. So, pray with me:

  • Dear Holy Spirit, help me to receive Your word in my heart.
  • Help me to believe Your words with all my heart.
  • Help me to obey your words with all my heart.
  • Help me be persistent in obeying your words with all my heart.
  • And may your words bear a thousand fold harvest in my life.

In Jesus name!

And with a willing and obedient heart, send in your Favour Friday offerings, tithes, seeds, firstfruits and so on.

Today is Financial Favour Friday

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Bunny ikpehai
Bunny ikpehai

Amen and Amen lord u are my strength. good day rev

Amanda Cunningham
Amanda Cunningham

I was just out tilling my garden for my fall harvest. Amen I expect the best harvest I’ve ever had.

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