During  our Home Church meeting this week, which was in a cosy, calm, relaxed and soothing atmosphere, I posed this question to members of the Infinity Home Church, “What will you offer to the Lord in appreciation for His love and favour towards you?”

These were some of the reactions:

Chummy said, “I’ll give Him my life”.

Dee reechoed the same thoughts.

However,  Bubbie said, to my delight, “I will give God my heart, praise, and then offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to Him”.

This further prompted the in-depth study of the book of Psalms, and there, we discovered three modes of thanksgiving which would unlock more grace and favour in our lives and then, usher us into an avalanche of unending blessings.

The first key is acknowledging God as Lord of our lives. Then , His Godship and our sonship and, of course, recognizing Him as the pathway and continued source of our existence.

The second key is trusting Him completely as he admonished us to in Proverbs 3:5-6.

The third key is fulfilling of our vows to the Lord.

These are advanced modes of thanksgiving, which unlock the fullness of our lives. It  makes sense of our past and turns what we have into more than enough.

Thanksgiving preceeds favour and then, more thanksgiving preceeds even more favour.

After our study, we gave our gifts to God and published His good works in our lives all to His glory and praise.

Our Home Church, the Infinity Home Church, is fast and permanently becoming a Home of feasting and merriment.

We had sandwiches and rolls before putting some touches to our presentation for the “Celebration of Talents”, coming up during our Family Gathering this Sunday.

You need to be present for the show as it promises to tickle your fancy and leave you gasping for breath.

He who thanks but with lips
Thanks but in part;
The full, the true Thanksgiving
Comes from the heart.
~   J.A. Shedd.

God bless you and have a pleasant weekend.