The Alabama 2017 Wildfire Retreat III

The Alabama 2017 Wildfire Retreat featured nature tours, Spirit flow, prophetic teachings, discussions—and, of course, buffets and cheese cakes ?. However, I observed that the most prominent feature of the retreat was the nature tours. And it felt really good to me; because of the transformative impact it had on the participants.

Scroll through these breath-taking photos and enjoy some of our most amazing views from the Alabama 2017 Wildfire Retreat.

The High Falls Waterfalls ​

Desotho Waterfalls

To reach this destination, we drove 75 minutes from our retreat venue, up through the Appalachian mountains. At the Desotho Waterfalls we recorded a really powerful discussion on letting the Spirit flow. 

The Cathedral Caverns

I took this awe-inspiring picture during our tour of the cathedral portion of the cavern. Isn’t it just awesome?

Little River Waterfalls and Canyon

During these tours I took some time to reflect— with deep joy and gratitude—on the steady and strong development of the Wildfire Retreat into a truly powerful and inspirational spiritual experience. This led me to plead with the Lord to make a way for more people from around the world to participate in these retreats.

***I apologize for the poor quality of some of the photos. They were zoomed from a distance with a phone ?***