Testimonies from Awka

On this page, I will be presenting all of the individual reports of supernatural healings that occurred during my missions trip to Awka here in Nigeria, this December, where I spoke and ministered at the Pneuma Bible Conference. 

It was such a great experience for me and everyone that attended.  The presence of God was so manifest that many people were moved and touched. We prayed for those who were sick and there were so many healings and miracles. 

I will continue to update this page with the stories and testimonies of these healings and miracles as we receive and verify them.  My hope and belief is that as you read this stories of genuine healings and miracles performed through the power of the Name of Jesus Christ, you will also receive the faith and inspiration to trust God for your own healings and miracles. 

I believe that stories reproduce themselves! So, as you read these testimonies, may you experience healings and miracles too!

Remember that you can write to me for prayers and help with any health or spiritual issues that you may be struggling with at this time.  I have prayed for many over the phone and via the internet who have experienced tremendous help from the Lord.  Also feel free to follow me on Facebook, and Twitter so we can stay better connected.

You can also make plans to meet with me live at any of my conferences, retreats and other events near you and around the world.  Visit this page for updates to my itinerary 

Thanks for your continued prayers and support as I travel around the world spreading the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Healed of partial deafness!

KENNY G “I want to appreciate God for his HEALING. I had a big challenge with my right ear. It was a big problem to me because I could hardly hear with it. It was so bad that I couldn’t even clean the ear for the pain hurt so badly. When Pastor WD Favour laid hands on me and prayed for me during the conference, God healed me. Afterwards, I noticed that – unlike before my healing – I could make calls with that ear and the sound was clear. Now I can clean my ears without pain and I don’t have any more problems with clearly hearing sounds! Praise be the name of GOD!”

Okafor Kenechukwu
Intimate vessel’s church,
Awka, Nigeria.

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