I Take The Word of God Literally

In this post I am going to write about something I consider very vital to fulfilling your God-given purpose and achieving personal success.

The scriptures are filled with amazing new realities brought to us by Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension to glory. As you read God’s word and see these wonderful realities, what should your response be? What should you do after finding out what Jesus has done?

I have noticed that a lot of Christians look into the word of God and see beautiful things in the word of God; but when they remember their physical circumstances, they tend to discard the Word of God, and embrace their physical circumstances. This is why they don’t have much transformation going on in their lives.

As a child of God, you’re supposed to be evolving from one level of glory to another. Metamorphosis should be a constant feature of your life. If this is not happening in life, the question is why?  Do you abandon the realities of the new creation given to you by Jesus and then accept the realities of the ‘real world’.

If that’s the case, I’d like that attitude to change. I’ll like you to take the Word of God for what it is. Take the Word of God literally. When you see a blessing of God meant for you, take it. You discover something wonderful that Jesus has accomplished on your behalf, it’s up to you to take it; it’s your decision; it’s your choice. Don’t leave it in the pages of Scripture. Make it yours.

Some time ago, someone said to me, “Pastor Favour you know what? You take the Bible so literally!” Yes I do and I don’t apologize for that. I take the word of God literally. I want to become established in them so that they become my daily reality; and I encourage you to do the same today.