Take Off Those Religious Goggles!

It is possible for you to read the Bible and not experience transformation.  You can keep studying God’s word without it having any significant impact on your life. This situation arises as a result of some sort of blind fold- what the Bible calls a shroud, over one’s spiritual eyes. It occurs when you read the bible with some sort of goggles in your eyes.

You experience transformation when you can look into the scriptures and see what the Holy Spirit is showing you, rather than see what you have been conditioned by religion to see.  Metamorphosis occurs when you can study the bible and get a personal revelation of God for your life. The moment this happens, everything about your life begins to change.

I’m grateful to God for how I read the Bible. He gave me a unique ability to look into the Bible for myself and grasp what He is saying. I have a peculiar ability to read and not see what everyone else sees in the Bible. I see things that are practical. I see things that are realistic. I comprehend pragmatic and functional approaches to handling everyday challenges. This is why I consider the Bible the greatest book in the world. It is the greatest book of wisdom. It is a very powerful book.

My prayer for you is that you will be able to read the Bible correctly. I pray that you will be able to read it in such a way to not see the letter there, but to understand what the Spirit actually put there for you to know. I pray that as you take off those religious goggles, the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ will flood your life and transform your current realities in Jesus name.